Monday, December 24, 2007

Understanding the different finishes of dash kits

There are three basic types of dash kits discussed in this article. All other styles and finishes will fall under one of these three categories. Depending on your taste and style, as well as the style of your vehicle, you can choose a specific direction to go in when selecting the dash kit you want.

Carbon Fiber Dash Kits

Carbon fiber finishes are actually simulations of actual carbon fiber weave. Authentic carbon fiber material showcases tiny carbon threads woven into a highly reflective fabric-like appearance with a great deal of shine. Simulated carbon fiber patterns are pressed into the material, emulating the precise weave of true carbon fiber material set into epoxy. Carbon fiber finish patterns are some of the most popular automotive items available today, because of their ultra-modern appearance.

Traditional Dash Kits
The finish that symbolizes the ultimate in automotive luxury is the same now as it was in the previous century: wood. From the silky warmth of Bird's Eye Maple to the rich billowing depths of Walnut Burl, wood finish dash kits transform your vehicle into a lavish show car. Many of these wood dash kits are crafted from genuine wood, using time-honored techniques developed by European and American master craftsmen. You can also find kits with simulated wood laminates that will comfortably fit into any budget.

Modern Dash Kits
If you prefer the look and feel of driving a high-end sports car, check look for premium metal and carbon fiber dash kits. These race-inspired finishes give your vehicle's interior the look and feel of speed, whether you are barreling down the road or parked in your driveway. Besides the standard metallic gray hue of the carbon fiber and billet trim, these kits come in a huge array of colors to match or accentuate your paintjob. For an even more aggressive appearance, most carbon fiber dash kits are even available with custom designs already embedded in the kit.
Even though the traditional and modern dash trim kits look quite different, both finishes are built tough to withstand the particular hazards inside your vehicle. To protect against the near constant onslaught of sunlight, the dash kits are treated with a UV inhibitor coating, which also helps resist cigarette burns. Moreover, because cockpit temperatures can reach sweltering highs and freezing colds, the adhesive stretches to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of your dashboard.

Obviously if you drive a muscle car, you would want to go with a more modern type of dash kit. The carbon fiber kits on the market today are unbelievably sporty and enhance the visual appeal of your already beautiful muscle car.
The same is true of luxury cars. Sure there are sport luxury cars on the market today, but when choosing a dash kit for an 80’s style luxury car you would want to go with a more traditional style of dash kit.

As stated earlier, there are hundreds of designs and options contained in these categories. Whatever style of car you have. You will find a dash kit suitable for your vehicle.

Dash Kits Installation - A Step-by-Step Guide

One great way to spruce up the interior of your vehicle is to enhance it with wood trim. You don’t need to have a luxury car to benefit from the visual appeal of wood trim added to your dash kit. These days vehicle owners are always looking for ways to add style and class to their cars and trucks.

Installing the wood trim to your car or truck is very easy. Not only is it easy, it is a great way to enhance the value of your vehicle. Following these few installation tips will provide you a fast easy way of performing your own wood trim dash kit installation.

Step 1. Check the fit and alignment.
You want to be sure the wood trim fits easily into your dash kit before completely installing it. Forcing the wood trim into the dash kits could result in breakage of your wood trim. Most companies that sell wood trim will not give you your money back because you botched the installation. If you try to return the broken piece of trim, the company will be able to tell if it broke due to a mistake in it’s manufacturing or in it’s installation.
You can easily check the fit of your wood trim in your dash kit by aligning the trim to the dash and gently applying pressure. When you do this you should feel a little give from the dash and the trim begins to sink in. If this happens then chances are your wood trim will fit into your dash kit. If your wood trim does fit the dash kit continue to step two.

Step 2. Clean surfaces completely.
You want to make sure your dash kit is nice and clean. Even the newest of vehicles will have dust and possibly a little grime. To remove this it is best to use alcohol pads. Alcohol pads will remove residue, especially residue from tape or glue, more efficiently than regular cleaners. Some over the counter cleaners will clean, but will leave a residue of their own. You can tell the difference in a clean dash kit from cleaners verses a clean from alcohol pads. The biggest difference is in the feel of the dash after the clean. You do not want any oily residue in the surface of your dash kit!

Step 3. Apply adhesive supplied with your wood trim to your dash kit.
Your wood trim kit will come with its own type of adhesive. Some will have tubes others will have pads. The important thing to remember in this step is to try not to get the adhesive on surfaces that will not be covered by your wood trim. Don’t make a mess!

Step 4. Apply wood trim to dash kit.
There are a couple different things you want to do when installing your wood trim to the dash kit. You need to separate your pieces into large pieces and small pieces.
For the large pieces carefully reposition wood trim in place. Carefully pull back top half and remove the liner from the back of the trim. Starting at the middle and working towards the top, carefully press trim into position. Gently lift lower portion and remove the rest of the liner backing. Starting from the middle and working down, carefully press trim into place.

Step 5. Final Step-Press the trim onto the dash kit.
You are now ready to press the wood trim kit onto the dash kits exterior. Do this to each piece contained in your kit. You will have a classy look and feel to any type of vehicle.

Why Should I Upgrade My Vehicle’s Interior with a Custom Dash Kit?

There are so many reasons to upgrade your vehicle with a dash kit. These days most of us are more familiar with the interior of our vehicles that we are with our homes. We live in a society where transportation and commuting are a must. Take a minute right now and think about how much time you spend each day in your car. With that being said, it is not hard to see why you would want to invest in the interior of your vehicle. Custom interior dash kits can be the single best upgrade you can make to your vehicle to give yourself newfound comfort in your vehicle. Here is a list of what a dash kit can do for you and your vehicle.

A dash kit brings life to your interior
The big boys in Detroit must have stuck their collective color levers to “bland” and “grey” settings over the last decade or so, leading their assembly lines to churn out nothing but barren interiors. A dash kit has the color, pattern, shape and style to reverse the factory-original curse plaguing most newer vehicles. And, if you’re shopping for a classic, the rejuvenating effect of a dash kit is even more dramatic.

Dash kits offer limited edition luxury for less
Have you seen the price tag on that LTD, LX or Denali package including a custom dash kit these days? Well, if you haven’t, let’s just say the window sticker lists the cost with a 20-year fixed. Compare that to our dash kits, which are shipped direct to your door at a fraction of the price. And, our dash kits save you all that extra negotiating time with the cheesy sales lot guy. You’ll thank us later.

Installing a dash kit is easy
There’s no easier luxury upgrade to install than a custom dash kit. Basically, if you can apply a bumper sticker to the back of your car, truck or SUV, then you have the skills needed to install your own custom dash kit. Of course, you could always have your dash kit installed for you. But, there’s nothing quite like telling a crowd of marveling friends that not only did you get a stunning dash kit for less, you even installed it yourself. Now that’s satisfaction.

Most dash kits are custom fit to each vehicle make and model
The vibrant look, elegant style and simple installation of custom dash kits are all excellent features. But, it’s the fit that makes dash kits outstanding. Every curve, line, shape and accent of your specific model is taken into account when aftermarket manufacturers design custom dash kits for your vehicle. Because the custom fit of most dash kits is of paramount importance, you can bank on yours looking like a factory original touch.

As you can see, dash covers (or kits) are a great way to invest your money. The class and style these kits bring are well worth every penny spent. If you are considering upgrading your current vehicle but just can’t decide where to start, I would suggest a custom fit dash kit.